Show directors came to us with an area of HHN XII inspired by The Island of Doctor Moreau.   We were tasked with creating human animal mutations.

My crew would be able to pick any animal to base their designs on .   Here are just a few of the wild creatures that roamed the streets in 2002.

Andy Wright´s “Ram-Man-Ram-Guy”

My “Dirty Bird” sculpture.  

Jim Udenberg

Andy Wright

Jonah Levy

Jonah Levy´s “Rhino-Guy”


So, as I mentioned above, my crew were given freedom to create any human-animal morph mask design they wished.   I chose to incorporate  a parrot into my mix.    Inspired by the events of the 1986 film The Fly, I re-imagined that instead of a fly getting into the teleportation pod with Jeff Goldblum, what if it had been a parrot.

Above you see the sculptural results of that line of thought and to the left, the final painted mask as it was worn in HHN XIII.

Where the story takes a down turn is in that my entire crew HATED this poor creature SO much, that they called him, “Dirty Bird”.   The name stuck and I caught hell for this design for months and years afterward.  In another unfortunate event, on the last night of the 2002 event, a large bag full of masks was stolen from Universal.  In it, was Dirty Bird.

I personally still like the idea and (most of) the design of the thing, but my true redemption came a year or two later when we discovered that all the masks that had been stolen 2 years earlier were now being sold on E-Bay.

Regardless of the legal implications of selling stolen items, I made a deal with my crew that if Dirty Bird SELLS on E-Bay, they would no longer be able to make fun of me for it!

Yes...he sold the next day for $80.00

So SOMEWHERE out there, someone owns this piece of HHN history but has no idea the story behind it.   

Viva La Dirty Bird!