When Universal decided to shift HHN from Universal Studios over to the new (at the time) Island´s of Adventure, a whole new world of opportunity arose.

The 5 “islands” of the park each offered a unique way of bringing new and fun characters to life.   Jurassic Park became an unstable land of chaos as genetically mutated dinosaur/animal/human hybrids ran loose


My staff and I were tasked with

bringing a number of dino-morph

creatures to life.   I decided the

best way to get the most out

of the characters was for my artists

to have free creative control over their own

creations.   We decided on which particular

dinosaurs to use, then the proceeded to

design and sculpt their masks.

Grebnedu eye closeup.

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The other thing we were given to create was described as a type of sea serpent that had come on land and was terrorizing guest from through the forest.   Time and budget prevented us from creating a full serpent, but the plan was agreed that it could be operated like a hand puppet.   I was told to use snakes as inspiration as well as the “Grabbers” from the fillm Tremors.   Not to copy them, but just as inspiration.    From this was born, the Grebnedu.   (seen above)    A peformer wore this creature like a glove and also held a high pressure air nozzle insid of the head so when the creature BURST out of the bushes at unsuspecting guests, it was accompanied by a lound jet of air.    Very effective.

Grebnedu sculpture nearly completed

Grebnedu digitally painted concept art.

Sculpture detailing in progress

TOM BLASCO created this Dilopho-Man mask

LEE GRIMES created this character named Terry Dactyl

JONAH LEVY created this Tri-Rhinosaur-Man mask.

Jim Udenberg

Tom Blasco

Lee Grimes

Jonah Levy