Jonah and Andy posing with the jester and his doubles.

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Halloween Horror Nights 13, my final year supervising the makeup department for Universal, saw a new icon character in “The Director”.    I psychotic filmmaker who scares his actors...to death!

In the commercial for the 2003 event, the Director was to have a reluctant jester sitting in a chair.  He approaches him and puts 2 very large fish hooks through his cheeks which is then attached through a series of ropes, to a mechanism with which he would crank the line tight, forcing a fals smile on the hapless jester.

They wanted an in-camera effect of the hooks coming out of the cheeks so we created 2 silicone copies of the jester actor for close-up insert shots.   We also created lightweight copies of the tips of the hook which would be used on the actor to have shot options to cut between.

Jeff Standard, Jonah Levy, and Andy Wright teamed up on this project and did an outstanding job.   Unfortunately, the final edit of the commercial was deemed too violent and was subsequently tamed for television and in-studio exhibitions.

Jonah and Andy did an amazing job detailing the skin prior to adding the “makeup” matching color on set.

Grebnedu digitally painted concept art.

Jonah Levy finalizing the art working.

Jonah Levy

Andy Wright

Jeff Standard


Me...supervising.   ;)

The Director prepares to hook the jester.


Both doubles finished with hairwork by Jeff Standard.

Can you tell which ones are fake, and which one is real?

Close up shot of the director hooking the jester´s silicone double.