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My name is Lara, named after the video game “Lara Croft”, and I´m born in 2002.

I´m 50% Norwegian. Mom is a teacher and originally from Sandvika.

I´m 50% American. Dad is a special makeup effects artist, originally from Minnesota.

They met in Orlando, Florida, where I spent the 2 first years of my life. We then moved to Sandvika where I attended 3 years of Evje elementary school. In 4th grade we moved to the secret little place called Sylling, right by the Holsfjord, on the Southern tip of the Tyrifjord, surrounded by mountains and forests.

Here I have attended Sylling Elementary and Middle school.

People often ask me:”What do you like?” The question should rather be what don´t I like? I am a girl who is fond of life, who loves to explore new things and to learn.

On the physical side, I have been playing soccer, horse back riding, theatre, piano, swimming and hip hop.

On the mental side I am excited about people, how they work, astrophysics, films, how they are put together, drawing of manga and anime, film analysis, dramaturgy, graphic novels, travelling, reading, typography, photography, adaptation, media and how we live digital lives – both good and bad.

What has influenced me the most is to have a critical outlook on the world around us, and to see how things are connected.

My parents are geeks, and I have probably been influenced by this with my imaginative and creative personality, by owning my own "geekness" and individuality and to be proud of it.

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