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There’s Something in the Barn was a huge team effort to bring to life.   Special thanks to Steinar Kaarstein for recommending me for the job as well as his valuable creative contributions.     A HUGE thank you to Dimitra Drakopoulou and Ida Aster Welle for stepping in late in the process to handle the design and on-set application and design of so many characters with limited resources.  Due to time and budget constraints we only had 3 sculptures for the majority of the elves.   Dimitra and Ida, along with the costume department, created 20+ unique characters using creative color, beards, , etc.     Amazing!      

All that while also maintaining our two lead elves, the Orginal Elf played by the wonderful Kiran Shah and the Ancient Elf played wonderfully by Paul Monaghan.

In all we created over 250 separate pieces between silicone prosthetics, background masks, ears, fingers, etc.   


Prosthetic Design and sculptor
: Jim Udenberg
Mould Maker: Magnus Hjeldnes
Silicone Runner: Iselin Natalie Garcia Fredriksen

SFX technician: Steinar Kaarstein
SFX technician
: Vegard Holter

Hair and Makeup Designers / Prosthetic Makeup Supervisors: Dimitra Drakopoulou & Ida Astero Welle
SFX makeup artists: Michelle Johansson, Terje Rødjø, Lina Gerdauske, Justė Butkė, Fie Baro
SFX makeup assistant: Boz
ena Maisejenko

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